Web Performance Enhancement – Brian Muenzenmeyer

Creating high-performance experiences is both art and science – but it’s never an accident. In an ever-increasing landscape of choice and expectations for your users, you must learn to leverage tools, process, and those around you to craft optimal outcomes. Let’s start with the basics – and then do some deep dives into techniques deployed against real-life use cases. Measure progress throughout the workflow, and bring your message front and center, faster. Challenge yourself, your coworkers, and your boss to design, develop, and deliver performance.

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When & Where

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Fox Valley Technical College C140
1825 N. Bluemound
Room C140
AppletonWI 54912

Parking Map and Campus Floorplans – http://www.fvtc.edu/about-us/fvtc-contacts-locations/locations-maps


Our speaker this month is Brian Muenzenmeyer. In his own words:

I spend my working days in ux/ui design and my waking nights in even more front end design and development. I live in Northeast Wisconsin with my wife, young son, 2 cats and 3 coffee makers.
The best way to reach me is on Twitter @bmuenzenmeyer. I moonlight at crunchyowl.com, a dawning of individual design. I help people solve problems and send on-target messages. Interested in the mosaic of  web development, design, content strategy, and performance. I have flexible rates if you have flexible hours.

When not on the web, I am digging up the yard, wearing an afghan, trying on something grey, or day-dreaming about the ultimate home office.