Windows Phone 8 101 – Carl Schweitzer


The Windows Phone 8 platform pulls upon previous Microsoft technologies. If you’ve ever used .Net before, you can build a Windows Phone app. If you are an iOS or Android developer, you will find that developing for Windows Phone to be an easy transition for your existing mobile skills. I will guide you through creating a very basic app, and will also show you, in code, how to leverage Windows Phone’s unique features and hardware.



Carl has a strong background in many of the Microsoft technologies and already has several published Windows Phone apps in the Windows Phone App Store. He is also a father of four boys and enjoys making artisanal foods.
A recent addition to Skyline Technologies, Carl previously worked at Orion Energy Systems where he has spent time focusing on quick product development in an agile development environment. You may even already know Carl from last May’s Day of .Net session on Object Oriented CSS.